I love people who love a little too hard. Oh wait, there's no such thing. I love people who love others, love life, love the little things, and love photos. 

I create for the people who are feelers and sentimental. For the people who have a box under their bed or in their closet full of old photos and letters. You know that box you can open and it takes you back in time, 

through the many chapters and phases of life. The box that somehow can make you feel a million emotions. Happy, thankful, sad.

I create photos that are timeless. Photos that in ten years you'll open that box back up and be taken right back in time. Love, laughter, and a dang good personality never go out of style. They'll mean just as much to you in ten years as they do today.  

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Hi! I am Sailor, and I am 20 years old! I am a student at Wartburg College and I am a hurdler on the track team there! I am majoring in business and minors in graphic design and leadership. 

Enough of the boring stuff. 

In my free time I love to workout, hunt/fish, and watch the sunset. I serve the world with love through my dreams while creating  connections with everyone around me. I love all the little things in life. I love to capture bright personalities, contagious laughs, and undeniable love. I am so grateful to be able to show my clients how beautiful they are inside (most importantly) & out, itโ€™s my favorite part about my โ€œjobโ€.

just a girl tyring to bring out the best in people

heyooo it's me

- maddy poage

113/10 would recommend Sailorbreez Photography! I could have happy cried when we got our photos back three days after our engagement shoot because they were SO BEAUTIFUL! :') I was absolutely blown away. She had so many unique ideas already in mind for us (go check out the swimsuit pictures if you haven't already ๐Ÿ˜‰)! Not only is Sailor incredibly talented with the camera and her editing skills, but she also had this wonderful ability to make us feel 110% ourselves with her genuine caring and loving nature. Sailor is sunshine in every sense. ๐Ÿ’• We are so blessed to have her at our wedding too!

- ashley jensen

Sailor was awesome to work with! Both my husband and I are not picture takers but she made both of us feel very comfortable on our wedding day. She was professional all day and thought of all the small detail photos and made sure to get them all. After our wedding she was quick to get us our pictures back, even with a storm taking out trees, power, and internet! Anyone who wants quality pictures, professional service, quick turnaround, and someone who makes you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera needs to reach out! Donโ€™t miss out on an opportunity to have the best photographer for your next pictures. 100% best vendor decision we made ๐Ÿ˜

- kate huisman

Sailor is amazing! I told my husband after our session with her I never want to go to anyone else. If she moves away I will take a trip to her for family photos.

- stephanie dart

Would give this girl a million stars if I could ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ not only is she talented and captured every moment of my daughters and I but she was so fun played music and made us feel like models at the same time! It was so fun and stress free and the pictures turned out absolutely amazing! From the moment we started to checking out on the easy website to order pics it was flawless!!!! Highly highly recommend Sailor!!!!

She captured Haleyโ€™s personality to a โ€œTโ€ and put her at such ease. She played Haleyโ€™s favorite music and took absolutely stunning photos and has such a creative eye! Totally recommend!

- darci fuller

- elizabeth warner

From another photographer, I had no doubts when I booked Sailor that she would kill it AND let me tell you she over did herself! I am beyond happy with how our photos turned out

I have to say that this girl is utterly amazing. Her ability never seems to amaze me. We started having her do our pictures three years ago and there is no one whom I will go with then her. Sailor has an eye and a natural sense with photography. Aside from her abilities this girls personality hands down is one of the sweetest. She knows how to make it an adventure very time. She is my one and only, go to girl for all photos. 

- kelly ash

love letters from clients

love letters from Clients

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I want to capture YOU! Not just your cute face and cute clothes, but your beautiful heart and soul. I focus more on prompting than posing to get these moments. And I promise it will be so much fun!

Makeup, clothes, and jewelry donโ€™t make you beautiful. Your heart, your love, your soul, your smile, & the way you make others feel are what determine your true beauty as a human. 

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