OH, and no need to worry. I can handle the craziest of kids! I make sessions fun and easy! The natural feel and action based poses helps bring out their personalities! 

Packages include at the least
50-75 images
1 hour
Style guide

Starting at $500


If you are here, you probably feel like life is just zooming by and you can't seem to slow it down. In a matter of time, you know that the belly of yours is about to pop, and life will be changed forever for good! Or your little ones are earth-side and you just feel like time is an absolute thief. One day they are cradled in your arms, and the next they are running around with wonder in their eyes. I would love to capture their smiles with missing teeth, the sweetness of their toes, and the innocence or orneriness in their smiles! So that today can last forever. 


We hired Sailor to take our engagement & family photos a couple of months ago - and we had the best experience EVER! Sailor was wonderful to work with and made us feel very comfortable during the session -- even our children loved taking photos with her! Sailor is very professional and passionate about photography and has a great eye for it as well! 

We would 100% recommend Sailor for any and every type of photo you need and can't wait for her to take our wedding photos next Summer! 

-Carmen Stephens

"Even our children loved taking photos with her"


Light up a room
Appreciate the little things 
Leave the world better than they find it
Are in love with the life they've made

PS. I love my lil clients --->


Light up a room
Appreciate the little things 
Sing at the top of their lungs in the car
Let loose on the dance floor
Leave the world better than they find it

PS. I love my lil clients -->

We vibe

Family FILMS

There are so many things that photos just can't capture. Family films will capture your family, your favorites, their little giggles, your routines, and your authentic life in your home!

Inspired by the VCR tape I have of in home videos when I was a baby to 1 year. It means the world to me that my parents did that. They will love you for it too someday!

Prep for Your Shoot

I can help you with outfits, locations, literally anything. Once those things are nailed down the rest is a breez! All you have to do is show up and I have everything else covered!

I will help you as much or as little as you want!



I will be sending you a questionnaire just to get to know you better. In it I will as you for the heights and ages of everyone in your family or you and your finace. Might seem like a weird question, but I plan custom poses for each shoot based on heights and ages! 

I wanna know you


the big day

All you have to do is get ready and then show up! I have eveything covered from there. So many times people say, "I don't know how to pose or I'm not very natural." DONT WORRY. That's not for you to worry about! Just trust me! You will look so dang good and so natural!

Oh, and you know I'll bring the music!

all you have to do is show up


what you've been waiting for

It's going to be like Christmas. The suspense and all! I love it when people are so anxious to see pictures, and I get texts asking how much longer it will be till they get them, like an hour after the session haha!

I will edit the images and get them back to you within 2 weeks! You will get your own lil' website with all of your images in one place!

By now, you'll be dying to see your photos


shopping time!

I will have you photo gallery set up as an online store, so you will just be able to add prints to your cart and then place your order and they will show up at your door! Just like online shopping! What more could you ask for! 

Then you can get to decorating your walls, giving prints to family, and putting some in your special box. 

Then order your prints and put them on your walls


I would highly recommend Sailorbreez photo + film. You know a video is good when it brings tears to your eyes when viewing it. I have always loved still photos of my family but never knew how much I would love and appreciate a live video. Time goes so quickly and things change fast but I never want to forget the sounds, movements, and gestures of my sweet kids. Sailor truly captured this season of life on film, in our home, doing our normal routines and I will forever cherish it. It is my new way of freezing time and being able to re-play it forever!

-Stephanie Whitcome

"I never want to forget the sounds, movements, and gestures of my sweet kids."

DUH!! Email, text, or request one if your contact form. Let me know what kind of gallery you want to peek at! Wedding, senior, or family. 

I don't really set a limit or minimum because I'm not going to hold back any good pictures from you! I want you to have them all.  Trust me you'll have so many to choose from!

Heck yes. Let's go anywhere. I do charge extra depending on where it is at! 

They will be just fine! We will start the session with perfectly posed photos and then transition to fun ones to bring out their natural candid smiles!! It's a perfect flow! 


> What if I don't think my children will cooperate?

> Do you travel?

> How many photos will I get?

> Can I see a full gallery of yours?

Have Questions? I'd love to Answer them! Feel free to contact me if your answer isn't found below!