My senior sessions are inspired by a photoshoot I did with my best friend. We were in Texas and decided to spend a few hours taking photos. We would do silly walks, dance, be goofy, and just giggle. Every time, we would look at the back of the camera and we would just scream because the photos were so cute! I just felt so alive!

I left there thinking, “this is how it should feel”. No awkward head tilts or stiff poses! All natural and fun! Just like you are taking photos with your bestie. 

senior photos 
that say 
something about your soul

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senior photos 
that say
something about your soul

are you ready for senior photos that reflect your unique spirit?

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You are always down for ice cream w/ friends

you appreciate the little things

You sing at the top of your lungs


are we a match made in heaven?

You Light up a room


no worries
no awkwardness
only fun

Sailor is unlike many people you meet these days. She is full of life, love, laughter, and spunk! She can rally a wedding party in a matter of seconds but also helps capture intimate moments at dusk. She is creative and willing to try new things yet was sure to do anything we requested. Sailor did not treat us like clients, she treated us like friends. She was so eager to celebrate our wedding day — all while capturing the most perfect moments.
- Alexa Atkins

"Sailor did not treat us like clients, she treated us like friends"




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"As soon as I saw the photos my jaw dropped. It was such a confidence boost"

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" I laughed a lot, not like fake laugh, but real laugh"

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"During it I was feeling super confident, way better than I did before, it started to feel natural"

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"My favorite part was when sailor blarred the country music and I started dancing"

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